Sensibo Pure: This air purifier could change your life, because it changed mine. 

I was never that person who thought much about my environment and how it might be affecting my health. But that changed as the pandemic rippled across the world and I became more anxious about feeling sick. Now, I definitely wore my mask and washed my hands way more than I did before, but I felt like there’s definitely more I could do. My first thought was to clean my apartment’s air, that made sense. After all COVID19 seemed to wreak the most havoc in small indoor spaces. My second thought was, okay how can I do this on a pandemic-friendly budget.

A Solution that is both Pandemic-lly and Environmentally-friendly

My online research of ensuring my best bets of not inhaling COVID19 particles floating in the air, led me to Sensibo, a company which makes innovative products for the indoor climate. Their website said their mission was to make indoor air products more efficient, comfortable and sustainable. Indoor air products are huge consumers of energy and leading contributors to global warming. In my search, I was directed to their Sensibo Pure air purifier. It promised a lot of perks and benefits compared to other models, and the energy-saving mission designed into the product had me intrigued. So I purchased one unit for my urban studio apartment, and hoped for the best. 

Installation & setup within minutes 

I am always hesitant with new gadgets because sometimes their installation is a straight up ikea-like nightmare. But when my Sensibo Pure arrived, I was already impressed at the unboxing. It was weightless but revealed a sleek modern machine nestled inside. I placed mine near an outlet next to a potted plant and I have to say it looks great. The installation was just a simple download of the Sensibo app which is available on Google and Apple app stores. After I plugged in the machine it instantly showed on the Sensibo app and connected through bluetooth. And that’s it, my living room was now starting to be cleaned. 

Health Improvements 

"But how clean?" this was really my question. I’ve had the Sensibo Pure for a bit over 6 months now and I felt the difference in my air quality within weeks. One of the reasons I chose Sensibo Pure was because it offered medical-grade HEPA & Carbon filters, the only type of filtration you will find at hospitals. They can catch really small particles that other types of filtrations can’t. These particles are viruses, bacteria, dust, smoke and bad odors - all the things we can’t see for ourselves, including SARS-COV-2 coronavirus.  

So, now while I can’t prove that my living room is way safer than friends’, I can personally vouch for my own experience that it is. Firstly, I have seasonal allergies and I was amazed when these last spring months weren’t as bad as usual. Every spring I am hooked on claritin and nasal spray, especially before going to sleep. But within two days of putting my air purifier in my room, I noticed how much better I was feeling. I still use claritin now and then but I am almost completely independent of nasal spray. I am sleeping much better at night which only helps improve my day. 

The entire process is energy-saving and cost effective

My Sensibo Pure is on 24/7 as the company suggests for the best monitoring and control of purifying my indoor air quality. Now, obviously I thought of the costs of having it run all day like high AC costs. I had taken advantage of one of Sensibo’s sales and snagged the purifier for $149 but was certain I would pay for it with electric use. But I didn’t. My electric bills remain reasonable and almost the same. The sophisticated purifier tracks patterns in the home and outside and their algorithm calculates the right frequency of usage. So, while my purifier is on all the time, it’s not running on its highest all the time, and adjusts to different settings at different times of detection. Plus, I can control my Sensibo Pure from my phone and can lower its usage when I’m not home. I am able to save energy and keep my bills the way I like it. 

Purification Settings are Automated and Fast  

As I mentioned, the pattern tracker is always monitoring my home and is also equipped with LED sensors that pick up when my air quality dips and automates its advanced filtration system to its highest settings. I always send smoking guests to my indoor porch when having a game night and even so, after a few minutes Sensibo Pure detects the smoke. I get a notification that the purifier is moving to high filtration. Also, as a self-taught chef, I tend to burn a few things here and there, but Sensibo Pure eliminates the burnt gas odors from the air, so I can quickly toss what was supposed to be an easy sheet-pan salmon and now is just black pieces of shards, into the trash, and no one even has to know. Did you know that many cleaning products we use regularly, release harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the air but the Sensibo Pure catches those too whenever I decide to deep-clean my apartment. 

And while I avidly absorb new research findings telling me that my gas stove is no good or that indoor air pollution is only that much worse in a city (like where I live), I feel okay still going about my daily routine as Sensibo gives me more control over my own surroundings. By the way, Sensibo Pure is also compatible with AppleHomeKit, Google and Amazon Alexa, which is great for when I want to practice my control but don’t want to leave the couch. I can shout, “Hey Alexa, how’s my air quality?” and I'll get a response without having to move an inch. 

So is it worth buying Sensibo Pure?

Yes! It starts off super affordable and just continues that way. My filters have lasted for over half a year and I received an alert based on my usage when I need to change my filters. Pure filters are super easy to install and were delivered to my door pretty quickly. The Sensibo Pure feels like an expensive upgrade but because of its smart capabilities is actually saving money and energy. I always try to be a conscious consumer and Sensibo Pure is a product that fits the bill.  

The Sensibo Pure feels like an expensive upgrade but because of its smart capabilities is actually saving money and energy. I always try to be a conscious consumer and Sensibo Pure is a product that fits the bill. 

It has helped improve both my physical and mental overall well-being. I say that because my sleep has drastically improved and allergy season has become more calm. It’s great to feel these changes in my life by an unnoticeable system that’s actually hard at work. The air I breathe is fresher which has helped me feel less anxious about my health. This alone helps me sleep better, feel better and…cook better. 

I always like feeling connected and in the know, and using Sensibo Pure has connected me to a very important aspect of my daily life that I wasn’t even aware of. I now have a better understanding of my surroundings and the control to make it better. 

The Bottom Line

This is a great product and has helped improve my health. I suffer from allergies and during the peak of the season I can barely sleep. After two nights of using Sensibo Pure, I already felt a difference in the morning. I can leave my purifier on for 24hours a day and my electric bills remain low. The app is so easy to use and keeps me updated all the time. This really helped me feel at ease especially as the world continues into post pandemic life and now I am more than ever in control of my surroundings. It’s a great purchase overall! 

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